This application has been developed with Francesca Loria and is still work in progress.

 It allows users to apply the “Business Cycle Accounting” (BCA) procedure developed by Chari, Kehoe and McGrattan in their 2007 Econometrica paper in a quick, efficient and user-friendly way. We do so by creating a graphical user interface which allows users to implement the BCA methodology by simply point and click. The procedure itself is of great relevance to researchers as it points out which classes of models are worthwhile being investigated and further developed if we seek to understand business cycle fluctuations in specific countries and historical episodes. The App is of great improvement because it simplifies and speeds this process and thus makes it accessible to a broader audience.

You can now download BCAppIt! V0.003 either as a standalone application or as an add-in to MatLab. Each package includes the installer, a guide to the app and sample working files. Just download, install and then BCAppIt!. Note however that we discontinued updates to this version and the standalone has been known to cause issues with Windows11.  However, we released a new version, BCAppIt! V1.000, available only as an add-in to MatLab.  This version includes more customization (such as letting the user choose the calibration parameters) and also allows the user to apply the Monetary Business Cycle Accounting (MBCA) procedure, developed by Roman Sustek in his 2010 Review of Economic Dynamics paper.