Genealogy Records of the Treixedo Parish

I maintain an active interest in the genealogy of my family and have been working hard in building our family tree. Click here to access it. My genetic roots come mostly from Nagosela, which is part of the Treixedo Parish and Santa Comba Dão Municipality. Identity-wise, that’s the place I feel I belong to the most. I include a picture of one of our river beaches on the side.

In my work, I started to compile a spreadsheet with records from the Arquivo Distrital de Viseu, Paróquia de Treixedo. This is useful in our genealogy searches because it allow us to search strings through the records, as opposed to the image records in the preceding link.

Feel free to contribute! This is a very time consuming task, though rewarding for the ones who like to learn more about their origins. Click here to access the records (in Portuguese).