BCAppIt! V0.003 launched!!


BCAppIt! V0.003 just launched! You can now download a working version of BCAppIt! and install it as a standalone program for windows or choose to install it as a toolbox to MatLab. Click here to go to app’s webpage, download the installers, user guide and sample working files.

The BCAppIt! project was born when I was still at the EUI and it is the outcome of many sleepless nights by both me and Francesca Loria. It all started a bit as a hobby on a rainy weekend in Florence. It then sparked interest from many of our friends and colleagues, which got us really motivated and excited to take the project seriously.

We are very thankful for the support and suggestions by Ellen McGrattan and of course also, Patrick Kehoe and Varadarajan Chari, who, together with Ellen, created Business Cycle Accounting. We are also very grateful to Ramon Marimon, who, with his endless energy and enthusiasm, pushed us hard to work on BCAppIt! and without whom this project would never have reached so far. We owe also a lot to Fabio Canova who provided invaluable guidance throughout the project.

It took us about a year, but it is finally here. BCAppIt! allows users to apply the “Business Cycle Accounting” (BCA) procedure developed by Chari, Kehoe and McGrattan in their 2007 Econometrica paper in a quick, efficient and user-friendly way. We hope it will be of great use to the community, both as a research and pedagogical tool.

So go on and try it and let us know! All feedback is welcome, as we expect to release a new version in the Summer.