I have had the chance to participate in several events and projects that aimed not to contribute to the scientific community in particular, but to society in general. Below are some examples.

  • “Financial Literacy with Professor Brinca and Ric Fazeres”, financial literacy project, focusing on young university students, not necessarily from business or economics. Ric Fazeres is a Portuguese youtuber with over half a million subscribers and the project consists in several episodes about different themes in economics. So far the topics cover the Government Deficit, GDP and Growth, Monetary Policy, Banking and International Trade. Click here to see the videos that have been released so far (in Portuguese). The project has had significant impact in the public and the media with over half a million views. This project was featured on the main TV channel in Portugal – RTP1 – in the segment Bom Dia Portugal! (click here to access it, in Portuguese).
  • “Conversas Soltas”, (How can the banking sector improve financial literacy), round table promoted by Banco Popular and lead by the national newspaper “Público”, published in the daily edition of 2017/10/27. Click here to access the online version.
  • “Noite Europeia dos Investigadores”, (Economics in Everyday Life), science outreach event coordinated by the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon, in Lisbon, September 30th,2016. Click here to access the event’s page.
  • “PEJ Talks”, (PhD preparation and First Publications), interviews given to the Portuguese Economic Journal. Click here for Part I and here for Part II.
  • “Economia Viva”, (10 Years after Lehman), debate promoted by the student union, with Miguel Faria-e-Castro from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis, Inês Drummond from the Bank of Portugal and Pedro Lains from ICS. Click here to watch.
  • “Diplomatic Talks in China – Bilateral Economic Relations”, (Football in China – Opportunities and Challenges), presenting an economic outlook about the football industry prospects in China now and in the future. Click here to watch a teaser.
  • Portugal’s economy – an express train at risk of derailing”, (REUTERS), comments on the state of the Portuguese economy, namely the impact of recent developments in public infrastructures on Portugal’s growth prospects. Click here to access. Also featured in Jornal de Negócios (click here).